Old Ernie’s Pay It Forward Fund 
Enhancing Educational Opportunities in honor of Legendary Track Coach Ernest J. Perry, Sr.
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Ernest J. Perry, Senior, "Old Ernie" coached track at Lawrence High School from the mid 1920's until 1966.
About a hundred years ago, Ernie was an intelligent Lawrence kid and an outstanding athlete. A likable kid, people helped Ernie get a Colby College education. At Colby, he was a two year football captain. Not long after college, Ernie returned to Lawrence and began a teaching and coaching career at LHS.
Ernie's story is simply this: he was committed to paying forward the advantages that were once given to him. He cared about the education and good citizenship of his athletes. 
The purpose of Old Ernie's Pay It Forward Fund is to enhance educational opportunities for area high school runners. It is a fund that will enable Ernie to continue to "pay it forward". With such broad purpose the fund will not be restricted to merely providing college scholarship dollars. It can financially help kids with tutoring, with transportation, with equipment and with any other expenses and needs related to the fund's purpose.
Old Ernie's Pay It Forward Fund is the beneficiary of MSL Race Judicata 2011, a 5k road race at the Massachusetts School of Law on May 7, 2011.
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